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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

What is life?

One of the greatest questions of the universe was asked during this episode. In a world without life our two girls wonder what it all means. Are they even alive? While they wonder into the endless darkness they spot something alarming. A giant machine strolls about, yet its purpose is not yet known. Moreover, the girls spot a stairways that spark their curiosity. The stairways led to an aquarium and awaiting them is a single fish. They have found life! Yuu, wishes to eat the fish on the spot, but this fish has a caretaker. A lone robot appears and puts a stop to any harm that would come to it. While the robot can’t allow the fish to be eaten it can offer swimming space for the girls. Yuu, skinny dips and has the time of her life. Chi, on the other hand takes a dip she wasn’t quite ready for. After a long swim the girls are tired out. It’s bed time, yet the unexpected is about to happen. The giant robot from earlier shows up and its here to dismantle the facility. The caretaker pleads to stop its actions, but the giant robot refuses. Our dear fish is in danger, thus a plan is quickly put together to save him. Yuu, leaps into action with explosives in tow. Chi, pulls the trigger and the giant falls. The fish is saved, however did they just take a life?

Defining life can be a bit troublesome. Chi and Yuu have had very little life experience to pull from. As such the caretaker of the fish can appear to be alive to them. The robot spook freely and was even able to display empathy. Caring for the fish also displayed a very human like quality. Meanwhile, its counterpart the construction robot only cared to carry out its duty like a cold-hearted machine. Anyhow, ready for some media? Enjoy!





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Girl v Machine has been decided. Stayed tuned for more action with, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou.

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