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Fate/Apocrypha T.V. Media Review Episode 20

by Yumiko

The final battle begins now!

It’s certainly been a long journey, but we’re finally beginning our final climax. The forces of Black must strike now or forever lose their chance at the grail. This particular battle will be quite tricky for them. The forces of Red have fully taken advantage of their floating base. As such a air battle is the only option in order to retrieve the grail and stop, Shirou. Ready the fleet of air buses! The Yggdmillennia family has brought an entire fleet of commercial planes to combat the Hanging Gardens. Meanwhile, Shirou, is going ahead in order to see his wish granted. He forces his way inside the greater grail while the two factions war outside.

Episode 20 is just a taste of the larger battle to come. No body has fallen yet, but don’t expect everyone to make it out over the coming weeks. It’s going to be one hell of a fight for the grail. Anyhow, let’s move on to today’s featured media. Enjoy!





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The final battle has just began. Find out who falls first here at, Anime solution.

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