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Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Ready for the last request?

If you re-call way back, Elias, was tasked with 3 orders by the church. First, we had the dragons. After that the couple assisted the Kingdom of the Cats. The last task calls upon investigating a Church Grim. This a black dog that protects a church or a graveyard. Elias, is sent to see if this dog is hostile or not. However, upon arriving at the scene things get complicated fast. A human has been murdered and Elias is quick to run off to find out what’s going on. Meanwhile, Chise, is left to wonder about the graveyard. She’s on ground she should not trend on and is quickly attacked, but saved by a mysterious man. This man turns out to be our Church Grim. After saving her our new hero suddenly faints. Turns out he was previously injured badly. Alice, saw the entire thing and jumps in once the dog is down. She’s after the Church Grim as an ingredient. However, Chise, isn’t having it today and finally steps up! She takes down Alice with a sleeping potion. After some healing and sleep time the three settle down and talk. Alice, eventually reveals what’s going on with her master and her self. Turns out they are being forced to do the dirty work of a child. This is no mere child though. As this child turns up as soon as his identity is revealed. He attacks for Alice, but Chise dives in to take the blow. Elias, seeing Chise spill so much blood could no longer take it. It’s monster time!

Excellent episode and I’m especially hyped to see what’s next. The thorn mage is going all out! Hopefully, Chise, will pull through with nothing more than a flesh wound. Anyhow, onto the media, enjoy!





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Next time we conclude on the final task at hand. Will Chise make it?! Find out next time here at, Anime Solution!

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