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Ousama Game The Animation T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

There’s no time like the present!

Flashbacks are over everyone. Time to continue on with the current story. Our trio has finally arrived at the site of the very first King’s Game. It’s a desolate remote place left to ruin. Anyhow, upon investigating the place, Nobuaki, finds a family home with the name of, Honda. This is the same family name of his former girlfriend. Upon going inside he finds proof of the connection and a mysterious letter. This letter is an apology to the daughters of the Honda family. Shortly after, Nobuaki, finally realized the “daughters” part of the letter. Chiemi, had a sister and her name is, Natsuko. Suddenly things are starting to fall into place. Meanwhile, Kenta and Mizuki were left outside to wait on, Nobuaki. However, Mizuki, ran off because she didn’t want to follow through on her King’s order. This order was to text die to two classmates. Kenta, chases after her and when he finds her things take an interesting turn. It’s a confession of love and we even get a kiss! Mizuki, got what she wanted and is now ready to depart. She announces to Kenta that they should both die together. Isn’t that so romantic? Kenta, previously ordered himself to protect, Mizuki. Allowing such an act to be carried out would go against his order. Interestingly, some much needed swift action was decided upon to stop her. While stopping her is good and all it was all in vain. If you remember back to when Mizuki’s phone broke, Natsuko, said something important. The act of changing phones doesn’t work in this game. Well, that’s it for this newly couple. Mizuki, got her romantic death for two in the end. Nobuaki, is again left alone to fight on.

Well, turns out, Ousama Game, appears to be the most popular reviews on the site. As such I’ll try and get caught up with this one sooner. Anyways, lets get to the horror. Enjoy!





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