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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Time to meet the other new member.

Asta’s grand introduction went off without a hitch, but what about the other new member? Well, Noelle, is taking center stage by storm. She’s making sure to let the world know that the Black Bulls is no place for a noble. Our new high borne lady may be up in the clouds, yet there’s a reason she’s there. Noelle, has quite the troublesome past. Her birth came with the death of her mother. On top of this she has little to no control over her magic. The magic she wields is strong, but as a noble with no control it’s a shame beyond belief. Thus her family looks down upon her heavily. Anyhow, Asta, mistakenly finds Noelle practicing out in the woods. It wouldn’t be long before Noelle spots him out. Upon seeing him her embarrassment and shame causes her magic to spin out of control. With such a big commotion going on the Black Balls run out to see what’s going on. A plan is quickly formed around Asta as any other way would put Noelle’s life at risk. Asta, thrown into the action and with a single swing save his first harem member! Introductions may have been rough, yet the outcome was better for everyone. The organization now understand Noelle’s problem and is willing to help her. Welcome to the Black Bulls, Noelle.

Glad to finally review the episode of Noelle’s introduction. She’s one of my favorites from, Black Clover. She may be a bit rough right now, but she’ll grow if the show goes on long enough. Anyways, time for some media. Enjoy!


Additionally, here’s a couple stitches from the after credits skit.




Click here for the WebM album.


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