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Update #2!

by Yumiko

Hello everyone! Yumiko, is back and with an update.

Okay, so… let’s start things off with what’s going on. There’s no easy way to say this other just getting it out there. My house burnt down due to an electrical fire. It’s unfortunate since the website is still pretty darn new, but it is what it is. Anyhow, this is going to be a long transition period. I’ve been moving from hotel to hotel while at the same time attending to house hold responsibilities. Saving house hold belongings and going back and forth has been quite taxing. This has sadly left little time to work on reviews. Anyways, I’m not giving up on any show I’ve picked up for reviewing. It will take some time to get things out though. Starting tomorrow I’ll have a new review up (99% certain). Look forward to more and I’ll keep you all updated as well.

Special note: I no longer have my PC to work with, so reviews take about 1/3rd longer to produce. On top of this, Girls Last Tour, episode 6 review is stuck on my PC for now. So, expect extra delays on that one, sorry. I’ll hopefully be able to save it in the future.

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