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Ousama Game The Animation T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Let the bodies hit the floor…

We’re down to just 10 students from the previous King’s Game. Today’s order is going to make quick work of the lot. The King has ordered for the entire class to gather and pick one person to roll a die. The person chosen to roll will determine how many people will be punished. Once the number is determined via the die, names must be chosen by the roller. Consequently, the roller will also face punishment. Now, as you can imagine this pushes everyone to the edge. Nobody wants to die, but heads have to roll. After the order was carried out the only ones remaining were: Nobuaki, Chiemi, and Ria. However, the death count doesn’t stop there. Ria has hatched a plan in order to stop the King once and for all. Using her elite programmer skills, she plans to erase the King’s virus. Unfortunately, it was all bait and Ria has now violated the rules. It’ll be a fiery send-off.

Well, I hope you were not too attached to anyone from the old class. We’re down to just two now. I’m sure you can picture how that’s going to end. Anyways, there’s hardly anymore flashbacks to tell now. Hopefully the current game picks up pace beginning next week. Yet, there’s always a chance for more flashbacks. Let’s hope not. Anyhow, let’s get to today’s bloodbath. Enjoy!





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The time for the present is now! Check back next Thursday for the current King’s Game. See you soon.

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