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Konohana Kitan T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Time for a Japanese horror story.

Yup, it’s more folk lore this week, but this ones a bit dark. At the same time we’re given insight on Yuzu’s past. Yuzu, was found frozen stiff by, Bikuni. She was a feral child at first, but with a loving home she began to grow. As time went on she learned of the hot springs inn from a traveler. The traveler told her about those similar to her working their and what an amazing experience it was. Yuzu, was captured by this tale and there was no stopping her young wondering mind. Bikuni, knew her time to move on in life was coming soon. Meanwhile, at the inn the majority of the cast are telling ghost stories. After the story is told the tale doesn’t stop there. The ghost comes to haunt the cast. Get ready to see double as this ghost enjoys mimicry. No one is harmed by these antics, although the girls probably skipped a few heart beats this week. Unfortunately, this ghost had a tragic history and was only looking for friendship in life. Our girl, Yuzu, yet again knows how to handle the situation. Even as the ghost leads her astray, Yuzu holds her hand. While the bond is short lived this was enough for the ghost to finally move on.

Ah, another excellent episode of, Konohana Kitan. Sadly, I do have to report that the art quality did take a slight dip this week. Might just be because this episode was really dark, but it was noticeably in a few spots. Besides that everything else was great. Anyhow, let’s get to that ghost story. Enjoy!





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The Japanese folk lore is in full swing! Find out what tale we explore next week here at, Anime solution.

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