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Ousama Game The Animation T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

All aboard this week bloody train wreck from the past!

No more games, people are being written off like nothing. However, do note that this is again another flashback King’s Game. Anyhow, this week order calls for no one in the class to do anything unnecessary within the King’s Game. Unknown to everyone at the time this order has a hidden meaning. Crying over the death of someone from playing the game goes against the order. Those who disobey face death. Meanwhile, a plot to uncover the origins of the King’s Game is being put together. Yousuke, has been researching everyone’s death and the game itself. He wishes to protect his childhood love at all costs. He collaborates all he has found with our MC, but in the end he falls victims to today’s order. Kaori, the love he tried so hard to protect would soon find out his fate and seek revenge. Sadly, in a strange twist of fate she too can’t hold back her tears. His information may have help pushed the plot forward, yet his love was not protected.

Another week, more past time games. I believe the death count for the former class is getting towards the end now. Hopefully after next week episode the present game can finally be put back on display. Otherwise, this episode had some decent horror to it. A lot of blood and body parts flying about in a comical way though. Anyways, let’s begin to uncover this mystery. Enjoy!





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We may be stuck in the past, but at least they are dropping like flies. Can’t be to many more left, right? Find out next week here at, Anime Solution!

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