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Ousama Game The Animation T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Eternal darkness cometh.

It’s time for yet again another flashback episode! Yeah, if you were hoping for current story progression than you’re out of luck. It’s all about the class from the former King’s game. Anyhow, the current cast does move forward a bit. They board a train heading for the site of the first King’s game. While on the train our MC begins to talk about his previous game. Today’s order begins with, Nami. Her order was to give an order as if she were the King. She decides to order herself to touch the King. At the time the class believed the King was hiding within the class. Now with this order upon touching the King a text should come through relieving the person identity. However, once put into action things don’t go quite as planned. There’s no King to be found and punishment for Nami is all but certain. The King’s punishment is eternal darkness, or blindness. The next order given out is to our MC. His order is to lose something important. He attempts to hide this order from, Nami, but she soon finds out. She personally take this order upon herself and there was no way to stop her. It’s a beautiful walk into the ocean for her. Now something important has been lost.

Well, at this point I can only assume the flashbacks have to stop within the next episode or two. There’s a main story to tell! Anyways, this episode was quite slow, but suspenseful. When I say slow I mean there was little to no animation going on. Making WebMs for this week was quite troublesome. Yet, I’m still enjoying this ride for now. Without further ado, enjoy today’s media!





Click here for the WebM album.


Come find us next Thursday for more flashback adventures!

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