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Konohana Kitan T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

It’s the miracle of life, hopes, and dreams.

Prepare yourself for an emotional episode this week. Episode 4 is broken into two different stories. The first story is a bit comedic, but gave some much needed healing to a few characters. Ren, awakens to find that she’s pregnant. However, after closer inspection it’s just an egg stuck to her abdomen. The egg in question has quite the mysterious power. As Ren slumbers she is given quite the nightmare, but there’s a good outcome to it. It only brings her closer to her lover, Natsume. After her dream the egg decides to pick a new host. Satsuki, is the target of choice and she’s not happy about it one bit. Anyhow, Satsuki also receives a nightmare of her own . Her dream was about her growing grudge against her older sister. The dream pushes the underlying issues Satsuki has with her sister. Upon waking up the egg rolls off and hatches. What comes out is quite the shock, but something greater happens afterwords. Satsuki, is now willing to see her sister.

The second story in today’s episode is truly touching. A grieving mother has visited the inn to help move on. However, things are not what they appear to be. A baby is found by, Satsuki. No body knows who the baby belongs to. After putting the baby down it vanishes. Shortly after a young child appears before her. After a minor accident the child leaves her yet again. The child appears again but older. This appearance has her fall for, Natsume. Although her love is quickly crushed. The child vanishes and appears again as a teenager. She is now self aware of the situation and the truth is finally coming out. The mother who had come to visit the inn lost her child decades ago. The child that was running about and vanishing were nothing more than what if possibilities. In order to stop her mothers pain she matures into an adult and is finally ready for marriage. Now a grieving mother has finally seen her child into adulthood and can peaceful move on.

Quite the tearful episode this week. It was honestly so beautiful to experience. Not going to delay the media any longer. Enjoy today’s enchantment!



ED: Today’s episode featured a new ending. Here’s a few visuals from it.




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Check back every Wednesday for more heartfelt episodes of, Konohana Kitan.


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