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Ousama Game The Animation T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

It’s do or die time this week!

However, before that our MC was left in the balance last week. In the nick of time he’s saved by, Kenta. Kenta, is able to secure him and also leaves with, Mizuki. The trio don’t make it far before we’re hit with a flashback! That’s right this episode is another flashback to the previous King’s game. Anyhow, this flashback is about saving his best friend, Naoya. The order given is to have a popularity vote between Kana and Naoya. The loser of this contest will be punished. Nobuaki, has already lost several classmates and he’s not about to lose his best friend. He does everything in his power in order to get enough votes for, Naoya. At the same time Kana doesn’t wish to lose either. She’s willing to sell her flesh in order to get the votes she needs. In the end Naoya ends up winning with a bit of trickery. Kana, was to be punished, but before the King could send out a punishment she attempts to take her own life. In a strange twist of fate her punishment would of just been confessing to her love. Since Kana is unable to carry out her order the punishment is later pushed onto, Naoya. His punishment is to have sex, but he only has 10 minutes to carry out the order. Well, there’s only one female around and it just so happens to be Nobuaki’s girlfriend, Chiemi. Get ready for a heart wrenching scene as there’s only one way to save, Naoya.

The adaptation of, Ousama Game, has made it clear that it’s pulling from two source materials. We have both the current and previous game being displayed. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, but I do hope they make up for it later. The art in this episode was really something else. Overall, still an entertaining watch. The suspense during the whole voting process was spot on. Anyways, let’s get a move on here. Enjoy this week media!





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22 still remain… Only time will tell who is next. Stick with us every Thursday for more horrific adventures with, Ousama Game.


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