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UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2 T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

It’s exam time!

Episode 2 left us off on the reveal of the immortal organization, UQ Holder. This organization is headed by no other than our beloved, Yukihime! Anyhow, our trio quickly arrive at headquarters, but there’s a catch for Tota and Kuroumaru. In order for them to join they must pass a test. This test is a 1v1 against a member of the organization and all they have to do is land one blow. However, their opponents are no laughing matter. In order to land a single blow our duo take on a miniature training arc. During this period we’re introduced to, Jinbei. Jinbei, directs Tota towards a sword stuck in a stone. The sword in question has a mind of its own and helped Tota free itself quite fast. Tota, now has own weapon to begin training and fighting. A week time is all our duo was given and time surely does fly. The match between Kuroumaru and Gengoro is determined with a bit of luck, but Kuroumaru finds a way! Tota’s fight with Karin is interrupted due to a sudden cry for help from, Shinobu. Monsters are on the loose, but these are just cannon fodder to, Tota. In one blow he takes down the lot and lands a blow on Karin during the process. Our duo are now in!

A couple brief things I’d like to bring up. Those that have read the source material know that things are being adapted out of order and some things have already been cut. This week we had a character introduced early and things move at a very fast pace. I’m not sure how this will reflect for the future of the adaption, but I’m still hopeful things will turn out okay. Besides that we had our first introduction of CGI monsters. You’ll see them below and they are quite out of place with everything else. Kinda kills the immersion a bit, yet that’s anime CGI for you. Anyways, let’s get to the action for this week. Enjoy!


Here’s your end card for week 3.




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