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Ousama Game The Animation T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

It’s time to get into the spirit of the month!

Let’s set the mood with a little horror from, Ousama Game. If you haven’t seen a anime horror then you’re in for one wild ride. Veterans should know just how fun these shows can be. Anyhow, a supernatural force is at work in the format of a game. This game captures an entire classroom of students and contacts them via cellphone. The whole class is sent numerous texts giving them commands that they must obey or else. These commands may be as minor as a kiss or as big as giving up something important. The game also comes with 4 rules. Number one requires that all students must participate. Number two sets the time limit of the order to be carried out within 24 hours of receiving the text. Rule three commands that all those that don’t obey will be punished. Finally, rule four states that all participants are unable to drop out of the game at anytime. Well, looks like these children are in for one bloody ride!

Our lead this time around is, Nobuaki. He just recently went through a King’s Game and is still feeling the lingering effects. He may be at a new school now, but he knows what’s right around the corner for his new classmates. Before the blood bath we are given a bit of a romantic moment with the female lead, Natsuko. I know a lot of shows will withhold a kiss till the very last minute, but we get ours on episode 1! Natsuko, also provides a bit of fan service too. She has got quite the healthy body to say the least. Other than that just note that this is going to be a bloody anime. The class at first believes the game is a joke, however things get real in a mere instant. Don’t get too attached to any character, but you should be able to have some fun with this one. Enjoy!


So, clearly this image was lacking something…

I’ll give the studio a hand with this one.

They started dropping like flies as soon as the game began.

Game over, bud.





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10 cannon fodder lost their souls this week. 22 remain. Find out next week who still stands here at, Anime Solution!


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