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One Room OVA Media Review

by Yumiko

Ever wondered what a scene would be like if the characters swapped into their swimsuits?

Well, look no further than, One Room. One Room, is a short form anime with a bit of a unique aspect to it. This show requires the viewer to self-insert into the show. Now I know not everyone can do that, but that’s a key component to this show. As the viewer you’ll be mainly taking on a first person point of view and the girls will be doing all the talking. Your voice isn’t required as these gals are charmed by your mere presence. Now get in there and self-insert!

This OVA is just a clothing swap from the original T.V. airing. Each girl is given a little over a minute to present themselves in their swimwear. Overall a fun and delicious fanservice snack for those that are into it, enjoy!





Click here for the WebM album.


Thanks for viewing, One Room, here at Anime Solution!


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